Washing Machine Repair

At the end of a long day, the last thing that you want to worry about is going to the laundromat to wash clothes. A washing machine makes getting clothes clean convenient and stress-free. Top loading machines have an agitator in the middle of the tub to wash the clothes, while a front-loading washer has a drum that tumbles the clothes.

There are 4 basic cycles that a washing machine will run through; it fills with water, washes the clothes, drains the water, and spins as much water out of the clothes as possible. There are a number of components working together to make sure that all of these cycles work perfectly. While washing machines can last quite a long time, they are bound to break or malfunction at some point.

Some of the things that can go wrong with your washing machine are simple enough to address yourself. There are other, more complicated problems that will require the assistance of a professional appliance repair company. Regardless of whether you are doing it yourself or calling in a professional. You have to make sure that the machine is unplugged before any repairs are done.

By doing some research in order to gain some common knowledge about your washing machine and how it works, it is possible to diagnose the issue before attempting the repair or calling a professional. It is even possible to figure out what part you may need in order to fix the problem. Even if you plan on calling in a professional, it can be helpful to be able to tell the technician what the problem may be.

The Most Common Problems People Encounter

The machine fills at the same time that it is draining.

This problem is commonly caused by an issue with either the pressure or water level switches. These components are those that are responsible for the machine filling or draining properly.

The water is not hot or cold.

This is a problem that may require you to call in a professional to fix for you. This is likely caused by a broken pressure switch or an inlet hose. These are the components that are involved in regulating the water temperature.

The washing machine is leaking.

This is one of the most common problems that our customers encounter. A leaking washer can be caused by damaged door seals, a broken water inlet valve, or a worn-out pump can cause this to happen. Though it can be a serious problem, it can be easily addressed by replacing the broken part.

The washing machine is making unusual noises.

There are a number of unusual noises that a malfunctioning washing machine can make. When you are able to identify the specific type of sound that the washing machine is making, you can determine what the likely cause of the noise may be. The noise could come from a belt causing a squealing noise, a tub bearing that has worn out, or a motor pump may be rattling.

The timer isn’t working properly.

The timer tells the washing machine when to start, stop, or switch cycles. When it is not working, the problem is usually caused by a bad timer motor, drain pump, water level control, or lid switch.

The washing machine is not starting.

There are a few things that can cause this and finding the right cause may take some investigating. A machine not starting can be caused by malfunctioning electronic controls, door latches, timers, or thermal fuses. These parts will need to be tested to see if they are the cause.

The machine just keeps filling without stopping.

A machine can continue to fill without stopping. It is not the most common of issues, but it happens. It can be caused by a broken water inlet valve, level pressure switch, or air dome tube.

There is a burning smell coming from the washing machine.

There are a couple different belts and pulleys that run your washing machine and they are most likely to be the cause of this smell. You will need to examine the motor to see which of the motor pulleys and drive belts are causing the burning smell.

The machine is not filling with water.

You will need to test the inlet hose, lid switch, and water inlet valve to see which one is causing the problem.

The machine is getting water, but it is not spinning.

The door lock or direct drive motor could be the cause of this problem. You will need to test these different components to find out which one is causing the problem.

The machine is moving and shaking.

This is a problem that you can handle yourself. You will need to check the dampening straps, shock absorbers, and leveling legs to see which one is causing this movement and shaking.

Burt’s Appliance Repair in Gilbert, AZ can help you. We can answer any questions that you may have about your washing machine or we can come out and take care of it for you. Whether you are a do-it-yourself type or you need us to come out, we are there for you.